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Ministry of Government Legislation, Strengthening Legislative Exchange and Cooperation with Mongolia

  - making a promise to share our experience of establishing a legal information system with Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia
  - reaching an agreement to cooperate with the School of Law of the National University of Mongolia for modifying the tax law of Mongolia

□ Ministry of Government Legislation (Minister Kim Oe-sook) visits the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia and the School of Law of the National University of Mongolia for three days and two nights from September 13 to 15 and holds a discussion to strengthen legislative exchange and cooperation.

□ Minister Kim Oe-sook meets with S. Byambatsogt, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia, and signs a work plan as a follow-up measure to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2014 in the morning of September 14.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 1

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 2

 ㅇ Mongolia that has an interest in the success of our “national legal information system”* asked us to share our experience of developing the system before this event.
   * national legal information system: service to enable access to 3.7 million laws, lower laws, local statutes, and case laws in one website, over 400 thousand visitors per day




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Main Contents

- Eestablishing a conference and a training program for sharing our experience of building the legal information system

- Frequently exchanging publicly available laws of the two countries and publications in the legal field

- Organizing a seminar on legislation

Implementation schedule: 2018 - 2020

 ㅇ We expect that when the work plan is signed, the foundation for development of a legal information system in Mongolia is established, we are provided with laws and regulations of the country at all times, and we can provide them to Korean companies that are trying to advance into Mongolia.

□ In addition, our Minister visits the School of Law of the National University of Mongolia, has a talk with J. Erdenebulgan, dean of the School of Law, and signs a MoU in the afternoon of September 14.

School of Law of the National University of Mongol 1


School of Law of the National University of Mongol 2

 ㅇ The MoU is mainly about exchange of information and human resources for the research to modify the Mongolian tax law, which is being implemented according to the demand from the National University of Mongolia as part of our “legislation consulting project”* for developing countries this year.  
   * legislation consulting project of the Ministry of Government Legislation: project of conducting a research based on specific legislative demand from each country, creating legislation and revision bills, and informing every country of our legislative activity
 ㅇ We expect that if this research results in the appropriate combination of our legal system and the reality of Mongolia, it would be a cornerstone for reforming the tax law of the country.

□ Before visiting the two organizations, Minister Kim Oe-sook said she is aware that the Mongolian government is making an effort to introduce an advanced system in order to realize reform and openness.

 ㅇ Our Minister also said that she hopes this visit would give the two countries an opportunity to promote the mutual development by introducing our legal system to Mongolia and receiving legal information of the country.

□ Meanwhile, Ministry of Government Legislation has maintained the cooperative relation with various countries. For example, we have signed 22 MoUs with 14 countries* as of September of 2017.
   * China, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia

 ㅇ Our Ministry will foster more diverse and greater exchange and cooperation in the field of legislation with other countries based on our experience and accomplishment of establishing a legal system.

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