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Minister's message

Minister Jae, Jeong Bu
  • We will create the legal system that satisfies the public.
  • From the time the government of the Republic of Korea was established, the Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG), as the Central Administrative Agency, specialized in the legislation, has supervised the legislative efforts of the government.

    We maintain a balanced national legal system, under the universal values of the spirit of the constitution, we contribute to fair law execution, through clear statutory interpretation and we protect our citizens’ rights in advance and more. We, in fact, set the basis of legislative administration rights. Furthermore, to enable the public to understand easily the statutes, we continuously organize the statutory system and its terminology. We make efforts to give the public satisfaction from the solid base of statutes, improving the statutes so as not to, overburden the individuals’ life and the companies’ business. We manage statutory information systematically and provide it to everyone. Further, we make utmost efforts in legislative exchanges, letting foreign countries know about our accumulated statutory experiences and advanced systems.

    We pledge to continue to pay heed to the voices of the public, with open mindedness and to create a legal system that the public finds easy to understand and to comply with.

    Jae Jeong Bu sign